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Video Not connecting




  • Lisa Arce

    I am having the same issue. My internet connection is excellent. I can not see or hear my clients, just a black screen but I can see myself. My clients can see themselves on their end but have a black screen where I should be and can not hear or see me either. 

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  • Ruth

    Hi Nadia and Lisa, there have been reports of a black screen issue with Google Chrome users who haven't updated to the latest browser version. Please check your browser and operating system for updates. This guide goes into greater detail on how to do this for your particular device and browser: 

    Lisa, I see that you already submitted a help request with our team. They're currently investigating your Telehealth feature and will be getting back to you soon with their findings. 

    Nadia, I've gone ahead and created a help request on your behalf so a member of our Technical Team can further investigate your account as well. They'll be in touch soon. 

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