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Copay not subtracted from invoice



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  • Gillian

    Happy to help, Donnulette. You'll want to set up your client so that they're responsible for the copay only, and the insurance is responsible for the remainder of the fee. You can add your client's copay under Overview > Edit > Billing And Insurance at the bottom of the page in the Client's Default Fee box. Then, future invoices will be for the amount of the coinsurance instead of the full session fee, and insurance will be responsible for the rest.


    To edit past sessions to reflect that they're Insurance sessions where a coinsurance has been paid, delete past invoices, and visit the client's Billing tab. Hover your mouse over the past session fees, click "edit," and change the sessions from Self-Pay to Insurance with the correct coinsurance entered under Client Responsibility. When you regenerate the invoices, they'll automatically be marked as Paid based on the coinsurance payment the client has already provided to you. 

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