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Client ID Upload




  • Ruth

    Hi Esther, at this time our Demographics Information Form doesn't have a place for clients to upload their IDs; however, you can enable Client Uploads and have your client upload a copy of their ID from the Documents tab in their Client Portal. To do this, go to Settings > Client Portal, check the box to "Allow clients to upload documents." Now your client can login to their Client Portal > Documents tab and drag a file into the My Uploads box. On your end, you can go to a client's file and see their uploaded documents in the CLIENT UPLOADS box, to the bottom right. Learn more here: Setting up the Client Portal: Client Uploads. 

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  • Annabelle Coote

    Is there any place where this process is described so that we could send that info to clients? 

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  • Lori Price

    I have the same question as Annabelle.


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    Given that therapists are doing more video sessions these days due to the pandemic and clients are not coming into the office as much for us to get what we need from them, it would be extremely beneficial if Simple Practice could update the demographics form to include a place for client's to upload a picture of their driver's license / ID card in the same fashion that they are prompted to upload pics of the insurance card.

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  • Sarah Whitewater

    I agree this would be extremely helpful to add this feature to the initial paperwork. Please let us know if there is any plan for this in the future, thanks!

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  • Jennie Yngsdahl, MA, Licensed Psychologist

    Yes, this is very necessary. Can Simple Practice add this to the demographic section along w uploading the insurance card? This extra step in asking clients to upload an id is just not happening and is creating extra stress.

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  • Christopher Frank

    I completely agree with the above comments. I have voted on this feature being added- if I could vote every day I would. Please add this feature! It is embarrassing to have to send a new client a separate message or put some hodge-podge instructions in an intake form sending them to a link to my client portal so they can try and figure out how to upload a picture of their driver's license. I can't understand why this is a difficult feature to add when there is already the capability to upload an insurance card picture. 

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  • Dr. Katrina Pittman

    PLEASE SP, you"re supposed to honor your name and make it A SIMPLE PRACTICE.  I agree with everyone.  We are basically ending the second year of a pandemic that has forced us into a tech virtual world.  All of us have been forced to grow and adapt.  Client verification is a must for this age and it should be as simple as uploading the insurance card.   Perhaps you can give reason as to why you can't and maybe that will bring understanding.  From our side, it's simple.

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  • Felisa Dunlap

    Please update the demographic form to require the client to upload a copy of their ID/driver's license as soon as possible as this appears to be a very important and basic task.

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  • Victoria Hernandez

    I vote for this feature too! Clients are able to upload a copy of their insurance card so I'm not sure why uploading a copy of the ID is not possible. If there is somewhere I can formally vote for this feature, please let me know!

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  • Shoshanah Yehudah

    SP you have been great in responding to your customers' requests for features. I love the updates, thank you. Uploading a DL/State ID is critical for identity verification. To reduce liabilities and promote best practice, an update to the demographic section to allow an ID upload is imperative. Thank you in advance. 

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  • Keli Beres

    I agree as well. This is desperately needed.

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  • Harold Burns

    Yes, please add this to the demographic form! This is so crucial for telehealth compliance. At the very least, can you provide an "Upload" field option that we can add to custom intake forms?

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  • Ariel Lloyd

    Yes....I beg of you to please add this feature....anything else is cumbersome.  I was just ding from a Medicaid review for not having this set up via Telehealth (I still passed thank God).  Some state guidelines are now requiring this, so please Simple P make it simple for us and add this please.  You all do such an incredible job staying up on what is needed!!  This is definitely a need and not a comfort!!

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