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Can I have two different demographic forms?




  • Nicole “Nikki” Schwartz

    Michelle, you can set up a separate demographics form under intake forms. Then when you send docs out, uncheck the standard demographic form and check your custom one when needed.

    If your clients schedule themselves, though, I don’t know if you can change the demographic info that’s requested.

    Also, your custom form won’t fill in the demographic information in the clients account on SP. You could use the standard for that and send an additional form for the info you need for say mediation clients and check in their notes section or copy and paste it into “notes” field in the clients account info

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  • Ruth

    Hi Michelle, Nicole is absolutely right! There's currently no way to customize our Demographics Information Form because the answers auto-populate into corresponding fields in the client's file. I'd recommend duplicating the Intake Questionnaire in Settings > Notes & Forms, by clicking the + icon next to it and then adjusting it to fit your mediation client needs. Now you can send the original Intake Questionnaire to all therapy seeking clients, and the Mediation Intake Questionnaire for clients you see for mediation. 

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  • Jack Brennan

    Is it possible to edit the content of the demographics form to take away the option to let clients choose to receive appointment reminders?

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  • Alexandra Jennings

    Hello--Ruth, I know you mentioned being able to duplicate the original Demographics Form while in Notes & Forms, however that isn't showing up as an option for me. How would you all suggest going about creating a new Demographics Form that is customizable? Thank you!

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  • Joseph Sansone

    I would like to edit the demographic data form. How can I do it? It looks like I can't. I should have control over what data I collect from my clients. This is my practice. Simple practice is simply the software system I use for my practice. Can I change the demographic data questions? Or can i get them changed if I do not have the ability.

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