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How to edit client portal




  • Ruth

    Hi Tracy, there's no way to edit this page; however, the Account Owner for the practice can enable the Professional Website feature, which can be customized. This way, clients will see a customized webpage prior to going to the Client Portal to book an appointment online, or manage their portal. If you'd like us to consider adding the functionality to customize your Client Portal please vote and comment on this feature request: !

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  • Tracy Holwagner

    There is no way to edit a page in the client portal?  This is unheard of.  Can you please have someone call me at 701-238-4909?  We need to be able to edit.


    Thank you,


    Tracy Holwagner

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  • Dalena Watson

    Yes, this is important for our branding and to leave specific messages, such as previous clients who are returning after stopping treatment need to contact us directly. Etc.

    I'd love to be able to put my picture, logo, etc so clients know they are in the right place. And extra messages that we do not necessarily need on the website would be helpful.

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  • Steven Roloff

    I'm a new client here and have the same issue. I see it was brought up 3 years ago and still and issue a year ago. Is there any progress or ETA on this? I would be very simple to be able to add your own picture, logo or even text. Not sure why this wouldn't be an easy win to offer us. That page is about as bland as possible and doesn't look like it belongs to anyone's website. 

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  • Jennifer Abbott

    We just need to change our logo. 

    How is this not an option by the account admin/owner? 

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