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How do I bill for one claim only and not in a batch?



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  • Ruth

    Hi Judith, I'd recommend creating claims for your EAP sessions and leaving them in the "Prepared State" so you don't ever accidentally submit them when you're creating batch claims. If you want to disclude certain sessions from a batch claim, go to Billing > Insurance > Unbilled Appointments and click the arrow to the far right of the client's name, uncheck the boxes next to the sessions you don't want to be included in the batch claims. You can also go to a client's file > Billing tab and adjust the date range to only include dates of service you'd like to create a claim for. Next, hit New > Claim/ CMS 1500 Form. If you're in the Classic View of the Billing page, a claim will automatically be generated for this date range. If you've switched over to our new Billing page version, you'll be prompted to select the services you'd like to include in the claim, check the relevant boxes and proceed to create the claim. 

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