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New Claim Payment Name




  • Ruth

    Hi Jasmine, do you happen to use another system to process insurance claims, or get Electronic Funds Transfers (EFTs/ direct deposits)? From my quick Google Search, I found that Cognizant TriZetto uses the QNXT code when processing insurance claims: . Also, in order for our system to properly record insurance payments you receive, you need to process the claim through SimplePractice, be enrolled in Payment Reports (ERAs) with this insurance payer through SimplePractice, and not any other portal. Even if you're enrolled in Payment Reports, ERAs for claims submitted outside of SimplePractice might not populate correctly in your account. Hope that gives you some clarity as to where this payment could've come from! 

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  • Angela Codner

    I have received three payments so far and neither one has shown up in my account.

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