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  • Lois Horowitz

    I am trying to find totals amount paid for several months of private pay clients. I found that once a client has been billed I could only bring up a statement for a past 3 month period that didn't contain the total amount paid. It just showed each individual session and payment. Is there a way for me to find an amount paid in for ex. an 4 month period if the client has all ready been billed?

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  • Ruth

    Hi Lois, you should be able to generate a Statement for a client that dates as far back as the first recorded item in their billing history. To do this, go to their client file > Billing tab, adjust the timeframe at the top of the page to include all the dates of service you'd like to see on the Statement. Then hit New > Statement. If you'd like to see the billing history for all your clients at once, you can go to Reports > Appointment Status Report and adjust the date of service. The Appointment Status Report lists every appointment within the given date range and the amount billed and paid. If you just want to see the total amount paid by a client within a timeframe, go to Reports > Outstanding Balance Report, uncheck the "With Balance" box at the top of the page and then adjust the date range. 

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