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Multiple Invoice Templates




  • Gillian

    Hi Adam, I'd be happy to help. Currently, you can customize your invoices, but cannot have customizations for invoices based on the services listed on those invoices. If you'd like to keep these two businesses completely separate, you may want to consider having two separate SimplePractice accounts so each can be fully customized based on the services you're providing.

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  • Lauren Meisels

    How do you have the client diagnosis appear on monthly invoices?  I don't submit to insurance my clients do that on their own and they need the dx for that purpost.

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  • Ruth

    Hi Lauren, you'll want to create a Superbill instead. Superbills contain the client's diagnoses and they'll be able to submit the Superbill to their insurance payer to get reimbursed directly. To create a Superbill go to the client's file > Billing tab > New > Superbill. 

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