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change camera view in telehealth? ie a narrow, not wide angle, view of my office.




  • Ruth

    Hi Laurie, from your Telehealth session window, click the gears icon to the top right and select SD Video Quality option, instead of the HD option. The SD camera lens is more zoomed in; therefore, your client will see less of your background, or office. There currently isn't a way to narrow the dimensions to make the video feed vertically oriented. 

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  • Laurie Chandler, LMFT

    Hi Ruth, I tried this but it didn't change the view. The SP help desk said: 

    On many devices, the Standard Definition does change the screen size/angle, but on some devices they're the same. We've found that for some of our clinicians this works to fit their needs, but your device may not make this change.

    Thanks for your suggestion.


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  • Sonja Hellman

    I just wanted to add that I also so not like the new wide angle lens. It shows too much of the room, and many of my colleagues are in rooms where we don't need our clients to see the periphery.

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