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Suggestion/Plea: Group Client Note and Group Appointment Option




  • Gillian

    Hi Dr. Jenkins-Fernandez, thank you for your feedback - we're actively working on introducing more features and functionality for groups, families, and classes. You can head to our Ideas and Suggestions board at to vote on ideas from your colleagues and share feedback with the SimplePractice Product team. 

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  • Michelle O’Neil

    Any update on group features? 

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  • Debbie Tannenbaum

    The lack of group options may lead me to a different EHR platform.  

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  • Phillip Horner LCSW Supervisor

    I have been hoping for 5 years now that someday there would be a note that would work for 3+ participants, so far I have been disappointed. PLEASE make this a priority or we will be moving to another system in the coming month.  I had used plenty of systems before that worked well with group notes, so far this is the only one I have had that does not work well with it.


    Thank you for taking the time and energy and fixing this and finding a solution.


    I am with you Debbie

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  • John Parker

    Any update on this? Group notes are an essential feature for mental health professionals.

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