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Digital Signature




  • John Melo


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  • Theresa Gomes

    This seems like such a simple addition and it's rather annoying that SP has not added this yet. Especially considering that Medicaid and other insurance companies require this. 

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  • Alice Segars, LCSW

    Completely agree. 

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  • Gillian

    Hi everyone, we completely understand the need for client signatures on Treatment Plans and Consent Forms, and our team is actively working on enhancements to SimplePractice that will enable you to send a Treatment Plan for signature through the Portal. You can already obtain an eSignature on Consent Forms by sending them to the client via the Share button. Our most recent step forward in our progress on these features is our rollout of cursive clinician signatures, which changes how clinician signatures display on signed forms and notes. We're looking forward to releasing even more enhancements to SimplePractice to better support your workflow.

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  • Diane Roberts

    Hi, I hate to pile on the complaints, but I do not see how to turn off the cursive signature for myself to sign progress notes.  A signature is a very personal thing, so to have only one style of cursive AND not be able to turn it off is especially annoying. Is there a way to opt out of this? 

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  • Monica Simpson

    Agree. I either want to turn the signature off or have options on what it looks like. I don't like the current cursive style. 

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  • Michele Javorek

    Agree. If we can't opt out of this automatic signature can you at least make an option where we can actually sign our signature using some type of docusign app on our phones?

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  • Elizabeth deViveiros

    I would also appreciate an option to change the style of the signature.  It is difficult to read. Very welcome addition to the system- hopefully just working out some bugs. :)

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  • Leslie Wegner

    Agree, this needs to be my own actual digital signature, not a font.

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  • Ellen Cleary-Penninger, LICSW

    Yes please, I am not signing my notes right now because that is NOT my signature

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  • Nancy Jo Johnson

    Has there been any progress on this issue of personalized cursive signatures?

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