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how can i sync all the appointments in my practice to my google calendar?




  • Ruth

    Hi Sage, the only appointments that will sync on their 2-way Google Calendar Sync are your appointments. There's no way to sync the appointments for other team members. 

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  • Samantha Whiten

    Can we request this as a feature for Simple Practice? It would be INCREDIBLY helpful to be able to sync all the SP appointments for our whole team to our master Google calendar, which we use to send invites to patients. 

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  • Jerod Michael

    Can you not subscribe to more than one SP calendar in your master Google calendar? Why don't you just subscribe to all clinicians' SP calendars?

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  • Becky Coley

    "This means that clinicians in a group practice won't be able to see each other's schedules using Google Calendar, unless your practice shares one designated Google Calendar account." What does this mean? Can Individual clients sync to their personal google accounts as well as we have a group google account with a group calendar? We have been having trouble with Calendly syncing to our practice availability and it would be great if we could have a Google practice calendar that I could sync with Calendly and SP.

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