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Which diagnoses for Wiley Couples Psychotherapy Option to populate with all Couples work options?




  • Ruth

    Hi Katharine, in our Wiley Treatment Planner FAQs Guide, we've listed all the sources we pull from to inform what diagnosis codes are associated with the Wiley Treatment Planner. You can click on the links for each code to see for yourself! 

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  • Nicole “Nikki” Schwartz

    Hi Ruth, I love this! But when I click on the link to the treatment planners I can’t seem to find the list(s) you mention for each code. Is there somewhere I am not trying?

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  • Deborah Vail

    Hello Ruth!  I too would love to see a list like this with ICD10 Codes or even actual names of real diagnoses - it would be very helpful to making the Wiley Treatment Planners actually functional for those diagnoses where Wiley doesn't seem to provide us with many applicable treatment planning options.  Where does this list exist?  Thanks for your help!

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