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V card payments from insurance companies




  • Ruth

    Hi Jill, you can create a fake client to exclusively process VCard payments through, instead of messing up your existing clients' billing. Another option is to process them outside of SimplePractice, or to contact the insurance payer to ask for Check payments or electronic fund transfers. 

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  • Jeffrey Raich

    Simple Practice is clearly unprepared to handle this. It's a lengthy, messy process that messes with accounting. Instead of working on things like searching for clients by phone number, why not fix real issues, like the entire back-end of the software. The accounting portion is an accountant's nightmare. 

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  • Jill Camm

    I would like to see that happen as well.

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  • Brittany Nelsen

    I am still struggling to find a solution. I previously was able to balance the charge by adding a negative cash payment, but now this option is no longer available either.  Has then been any progress on a solution?

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  • Admin to the Estate of Jarrod Decter Psy D Deborah E Burdette

    In this day of technology, the V card is a distater with SP.  Get it together, or I am going to be forced to leave.

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