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Change invoice information




  • Gillian

    Hi Dr. La Noce, I'd be happy to help. An invoice cannot be edited to change the name in the Make Payments To section, however you can edit this information within the account. This part of the account is pulled from the group practice's name on the account. To change this go to, Settings > My Practice to change the Practice Name. This will not change on invoices that were already created, therefore you will need to recreate an invoice to have this change populate.

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  • Emily Baugh

    I need to add additional information to paid invoices in order for a client to submit them to insurance.  How do I do this?

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  • terry caldwell

    I'd like my SS# removed from the invoice document

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  • Terence D. Collins

    I mistakenly, doubled bill on invoice how do I cancel and correct the mistake?


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  • Pamela Modeste


    is it possible to change the invoice number on an invoice?  Having a low invoice number when you are first getting clients may give a wrong impression. Thanks.

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  • Caren Klein

    I am trying to send invoices of copays and when I create and save the invoice it stamps it has paid. I don't want it to be stamped paid because it hasn't been paid. How can I fix this?



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