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Payment List: Electronic Payments vs Manual Payments




  • Gillian

    Hi Elaine, thank you for your post on the Community Forum. Some SimplePractice customers choose to track whether payments have been received outside of SimplePractice, and we're actively considering feedback on an idea posted to our Ideas board that would enable you to manually indicate when a payment is in hand. You can find this suggestion on our Ideas board here:

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  • Tisha Bennett

    Hello. So I have a client who "stopped" a check that we had documented in SP. I need to delete this payment...which I see where to do that...but it that all I need to do? The bank has notified us that the check was stopped and the money was refunded to the client. I guess I wasn't sure how SP documents this...since its not an electronic payment. Do I manually adjust the SP account by deleting the payment?

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