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Re-sending Intake documents for ongoing services.




  • Gillian

    Hi Heather, I'd be happy to help. If the clients have already signed their intake paperwork last year, all you need to do is hit Share on their Overview page to resend fresh copies of your Consent Forms and other intake documents. They'll receive a new, blank copy of the form to eSign in the Client Portal. There is not currently a way to do this for all clients in SimplePractice at once. Let me know if you have any additional questions about this I can help with. 

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  • theresa montoya

    New to practice. Learning to navigate the system and inputting data properly is a challenge. Also had a client email address wrong. I need to resend documents. I think I am going to try another platform. I initially set up on this platform due to ease of sending forms.
    Difficult to manage and find completed doc.

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  • Robin Nichols

    When I click on share, its doesn't give the option to resend new/blank forms.  What am I doing wrong? Thanks, Robin

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