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How do I find login information to my Stripe Dashboard?




  • Phillip Guillory

    Hi Sparlha, did you have any luck? The integrated payments through SimplePractice are housed directly in SP and cannot be accessed through the regular Stripe dashboard. SimplePractice does have a support page about the annual Tax Report and you can read it here.

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  • Julie Levesque

    How can I connect my stripe account to simple practice so I can monitor fees

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  • Ayelette

    Hi Sparlha,

    Phillip's guidance is correct. If you previously had a Stripe account linked to your SimplePractice account before we launched Online Payments in March 2019, you'll still have access to that account for record-keeping purposes. However, you'll only be managing card transactions and payouts from March 2019 and on from your integrated Online Payments account through SimplePractice. These new payments will not be reflected in your external Stripe dashboard.

    To view all of your transactions since that March 2019 transition, go to the Card Transactions Report in your SimplePractice account by navigating to Billing > Card Transactions. Here, you'll find a list of your clients' card payments as well as the associated transaction fees.

    You can view all of your payout information by going to Reports > Payouts.

    You can view your Tax deductible Stripe processing expenses by going to Reports > Tax Report.

    You can find answers to additional frequently asked questions here: Online Payments FAQs.


    Hi Julie,

    For information on setting up your Online Payments account, check out our guide here: Getting Started with Online Payments.

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