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Independent contractor agreement and time frame for adding clincians to your insurance panel as a group practice



  • Wanda Johnson

    Monica, this is a good question that may be helpful to me soon.  Did you  ever gest an answer to your question from anybody?

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  • Brandy Rogers

    Hi Monica! I purchased my independent contractor from a group called the Knowledge Tree and/or Becky Beaton. She is based in Georgia but I think her independent contractor agreement can be used in other states. I believe she indicates what parts of the contract may be state specific. 

    As for BCBS, that is one of the main insurance that my practice accepts. I would keep it with the group NPI and connect it in with your group/business tax ID as that is how they will pay your practice (then you pay the contractors). They will ask for the individual providers NPI as well and that will go on the claim automatically (if set up properly) as the rendering provider. Sorry I didn't see your post sooner! 


    Brandy Rogers

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