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How do I reflect no show or late cancellation on statement?



  • Jenna Labbe-Watson

    I am having the same issue. This is also a problem on the superbills I am generating for clients; they should not be able to be reimbursed by insurance for appointments they no-showed for, and yet their lack of attendance is not reflected on the superbill--it just indicates the appointment type and the amount paid. Looking forward to a response from Simple Practice....

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  • Rebecca Denby

    Good morning!

    I remember the first time I noticed this as well. You have to edit the receipt manually. You can change the service provided to "Late Cancellation Fee", for example.

    It really should be fixed in the system because I imagine many clinicians do not notice this. There could be serious consequences if clients are submitting receipts to insurers for sessions they did not attend and the clinician provided the receipt. 

    Take care and keep well,


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  • Jenna Labbe-Watson

    Thank you for your reply, Rebecca. I am still having trouble. I've gone in and manually edited the appointments in the calendar--I created a new "service" called "late cancellation/no-show; Next, I deleted and recreated each individual invoice and then tried again to create a superbill. Still, it is showing "psychotherapy 60 min" with no comment about the missed appointment. Is there a way to get some personalized support with this issue?

    Thanks, Jenna

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