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NPI #'s



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  • Ruth

    Hi Carol, some clinicians have an NPI 1, individual NPI, and an NPI 2, organization or group NPI. If you're not part of a Group Practice, then you likely only have an NPI 1. Individual NPIs should be added to Settings > My Profile > Clinical. If you don't have an NPI 2, go to Settings > Billing & Services and make sure you haven't entered an Organization NPI in the form field, if you've entered anything in that field, delete it. Next, go to Settings > Billing & Services > Insurance and make sure you've indicated that you're billing as an "Individual" instead of "Organization." Save the changes you've made, then create a new Superbill for your client. All previously generated Superbills won't update with the changes you made in your account, so you'll want to delete and recreate them if you want them to only have your NPI 1 listed. 

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