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Setting up Family 2 adult siblings and their mom




  • Ruth

    Hi Diana, you don't need to set up the daughter and mother up again, you can just create a new client profile for the brother and then create overlapping individual appointments for each individual client profile. You can reassign who the primary clinician is for mother and daughter so that a clinician that's still working at your practice will have access to their profiles. If you're holding a Telehealth session with the family, make two of the clients' overlapping appointments set to a physical office location and make one of the appointments' location Telehealth: Video Office. Then you want to click on the Telehealth appointment > Share Link > Copy Link and send it out to the other two clients through secure messaging, or outside of SimplePractice. You'll also want to make two of the appointments $0 and only add a fee to the client's appointment that will be responsible for billing! We're working on a feature that will better facilitate group and family appointments, but for now, this is the best workflow. 

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  • Lenora Ziegler

    how do we reassign a client in the practice to a new therapist?    thank you 

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  • Julianne Farrell

    I have new clients, a mom and two adult children, I am about to set up.  I am unclear as to how to go about this.  Please let me know how to go about this.  Thanks! 

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  • Diana Maxwell

    Hi Julianne - from my experience, you set each of them up as individual and schedule all three as individual appointments, but make the fee for two of them $0.  

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  • David Lieberman

    Hi Ruth, just 'bumping' this thread as a request to set up a feature that makes family systems easier to create and manage.  TY!

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  • Tara Reinertson

    Thank you for working on this. I also have a new family with two adult brothers and their mom. I look forward to when this gets worked out with Simple Practice. 


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