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How do I add footer to a specific client's documents?



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  • Ayelette

    Hi Cynthia,

    There is not currently a way to create a default document footer for only one client, however I understand how this would be helpful for your practice.

    We're always evaluating which features will bring the most value to our customers. As part of this effort, we've created an Ideas & Suggestions Board where our customers can share the features that they'd like to see. When you post, vote, or comment on the ideas on this board, it means that members of our Product Team, as well as all members of our Community, have transparent access to review your suggestion. This board is one of our most important resources for understanding which features will have the most value for our community.

    If you have a moment, I invite you to post your idea on this board.

    If you're curious, here's more information about how a customer idea can become a SimplePractice feature: Customer feedback: How a customer idea can become a feature in SimplePractice.

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