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  • Ayelette

    Hi CL,

    We can understand that credit card processing fees, while a cost of doing business, can add up to a significant amount. Laws around this vary by state, and in some cases it is illegal to pass fees along to the client. Because we're not legal experts, we do recommend that you consult with your regulatory body to best determine any next steps for your unique practice. Additionally, here are some options to consider and research further:

    • Some of our customers create a product for "credit card fee" and then add the line items to their invoices: Adding a credit card processing fee to invoice.
    • Some customers offer discounts or incentives to pay in cash.
    • Others write-off or deduct the credit card fees.

    Whatever solution you choose, I would advise that you check with your accreditation/governing body to find the best fit for you and your practice.

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