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Phone sessions vs video sessions




  • MC Edwards

    It makes sense to have the phone session using your normal office phone but for the appt in SP, you could create a phone session type in the Practice settings for Location. I just put Phone Session in the name and Phone Session as the location. When you add an appt to your calendar, from the appt location, you pick that phone session and it'll show up on your calendar as a Phone Session.

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  • Ayelette

    Hi Sonja,

    MC has provided excellent guidance. Creating an Office Location called e.g. 'Phone Session' on your Settings > My Practice > Locations page is a great way to let your client know that it will be a phone session.

    To learn more about creating new Office Locations, feel free to check out this Help Center guide: Adding office locations.

    Thank you, MC, for providing support on this question.

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