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How to add a second signature to all consent forms so that both adolescent and parent can consent




  • Nicole “Nikki” Schwartz

    Maybe I have a custom ROI... I'm not sure if there is a standard in SP somewhere.  But mine is like any other Intake Form.  I have two signatures one for the Client/Parent and one for a witness.  I'm sure I could add another if I needed to.

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  • Ruth

    Hi Christine, Nicole's right, our default ROI has a space for a client signature and witness signature, in case the client can't sign. You can also add another signature line by going to Settings > Notes & Forms, click on the ROI, scroll down to +Add New and select "Signature" from the question types. Drag the three horizontal lines to the left of a question to move it up or down on the form.

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  • Naomi Simon


    If I were to add a new signature line to the document, it will populate the first person's name on the document. How am I able to have 2 different names signing this document? 

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  • suzanne waters

    Is there an " add new" option for the other forms? Is there a way for me to insert and additional signature box to the form; one for parent and one for adolescent? Is my only option to send multiple consent forms and will I even be able to do that?

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