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Group Therapy




  • KeriTe M. Hughes

    I'd love the answers to this question as well.

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  • Sarah Jack

    All great questions.

    I have been wondering if SP telehealth can accommodate group therapy, too. (last year, I tried on Doxy and it was terrible, and I don't want to pay Zoom so that I can run a group that goes longer than 45 minutes.



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  • Mardona Anderson

    I too would like to know the answers to the above questions and also how do I set up telehealth group wherein more than one client at a time can be seen/log in?

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  • Ruth

    Hi everyone, you can share the link with multiple people manually, either through secure messaging, or outside of SimplePractice. Create overlapping appointments with each individual client you'd like to include in the session, but only make one of the appointments a Telehealth appointment. Click on the Telehealth appointment > Share Link > Copy Link and send it to the other participants. If all participants are set up correctly, you should be able to hold a group Telehealth call. Feel free to include this guide on getting ready for a Telehealth appointment to your clients: ! Since you've created overlapping appointments for each client, you'll be able to bill and write notes for each of them separately. We're currently working on a feature that would better facilitate group sessions, but for the time being, many clinicians are using this alternative workflow!

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