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Client already has a Simple Practice Account for her Son




  • Sonny Saltalamachia


    I've had this problem. It's the e-mail address that caused the issue for me.  
    Client needs to have a different e-mail than the Contact (Parent). So she and her son need their own separate e-mails so they can each access the client portal, via their e-mail. This also allows you to send them different documentation should that need arise. 


    I hope this helps... 



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  • Ayelette

    Hi Stacy and Sonny,

    For some background, when a single party in your account has a few roles, e.g. they are a contact on one or more minor profiles and they are a direct client, you can set up the same core profile on all of these profiles so that this party can receive appointment reminders and access the Client Portal for all profiles using the same contact information.

    Here's how you can create an individual client profile for a contact:

    1. On the minor's profile > click Edit > Contacts.
    2. To the right of the contact, click Manage > Create an Individual Client.

    For more details on managing contacts for minors, I recommend checking out this Help Center resource: Enhanced Client Management for Minors.

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