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Signing Treatment Plans




  • Brian Sillanpaa

    SP has been saying that they're working on this for about a year since I've had them. Don't count on it I guess.

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  • Carrie Johnson

    How do you allow them to view their tx plan? I have Pro version also. Can I link my progress notes to the tx plan? I can't image that they can't be linked. Thank you for your input. 


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  • Ayelette

    Hi Irene, Brian, and Carrie,

    While we are actively working on the ability to sign treatment plans, in the meantime you may use the following workflow to share documentation with clients and request a signature if needed:

    1. On the client's Overview page, hover over the relevant Diagnosis & Treatment Plan > click the printer icon to download a copy of the plan.

    2. Upload the PDF version of the plan to the client's profile by clicking Upload on the top right.
    3. Share the PDF version with the client by clicking Share on the top right.

    Similarly, you may share progress notes with a client by downloading a copy of the note > Uploading it to the client's profile > Sharing it with the client.

    To ensure that your clients are able to upload a signed copy of a document to their Client Portal, go to Settings > Client Portal > select Allow clients to upload documents > click Save Settings.

    Note that while progress notes are not linked to Diagnosis & Treatment Plans, when entering a progress note, you may view the client's latest Diagnosis & Treatment Plan for reference on that page by clicking Diagnosis & Treatment Plan on the top right. You can learn more in this Help Center resource: Navigating the appointment page.

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