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How to change the make payment to name on a superbill for a client that is cash pay and not insurance?




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    Hi Sara,

    Here's how you can update the Make payments to name on a client's superbills:

    1. On the client's profile, click Edit > Billing and Insurance.
    2. In the Insurance Information section, click the For Superbills, send Payment to dropdown > select Client (or the appropriate value).
    3. Click Save Client.

    Note that this change will be made on superbills created after you make this update.

    For more information, feel free to check out this Help Center guide: How can I change "Make payments to" on a superbill?

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  • Sara Underwood

    Hi, can you tell me if it works to click on the insurance tab if I don't take insurance? My clients are wanting to submit superbills for out of network benefits so I use the self-pay button. I don't see a way to change the send payment to on the superbill if I don't use the insurance tab.

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  • Carrie Balick

    IM having the same issue. On the Superbill created for my cash paying clients - it says "Make Payments to .." then it lists the child's name. Not the parent's name. Ive quadruple checked that the parent is responsible for billing in the billing and services and client portal sections. THe parent needs the superbill ASAP to submit but I dont want the error to be on there.

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