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    Hi Jacqueline,

    SimplePractice does not have any insight into payer reimbursements because we do not partake in the transfer of funds. After the claim is submitted within SimplePractice, you should be paid as you have been prior to using SimplePractice either by a check in the mail or a direct deposit through a electronic fund transfer (EFT).

    Please reach out to the payer directly if you are not being paid accordingly. 

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  • Samuel Snider

    Hi I am brand new to simple practice. My client says paid on the website, but it has never come through to my bank, but I am not sure If i just accidently said it was paid, but no card was actually charged or if it only says paid once a card has been charged.

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  • Kindall C. Tyson

    I receive all of my insurance payout; however,  have not received client payouts to my bank account. 

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  • Mary Hawk

    This is my third attempt at trying to get information on how to get my payouts. First, it said I wasn't verified.  Now it says I'm verified and the payout has happened.  But I don't see anything in my bank account. Please let me know how I can get paid. 

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  • Daniel L. Baxley

    When I look he billing in the clients profile it says PAID but I have not receive the money in my bank account 

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  • Crystal L. Agnew


    I seem to have the same issue as others. My client is self-pay and on autopay. It's been over two weeks and I have not received any payouts to my bank account? Is this typical with SimplePractice? I'm not sure if I should consider a different platform where I do not have issues receiving my money. 

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  • Stacy Frick

    Good evening. I am missing two payouts from the same client. After review of simple practices payout report, I noticed this issue. The client's record say paid because they were paid with credit card on simple practice system. There is a paid invoice for both, but I can not find record that the payout to the bank ever went through. Can you please help me figure this error out? 

    Thanks in advance. 

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  • Amanda Beal

    Hello- I am having the same problem as the others above. Client's card was charged through stripe. The invoice says paid but it never came to my bank account. 

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