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How can a send an additional form to an existing client to fill out




  • Roderick E. Branscome

    I'm also curious how to send release form to client.

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  • Ayelette

    Hi Tiffany and Roderick,

    You can share a new document with an existing client at any time by clicking Share on the top right of the client's profile. To learn more, feel free to check out this Help Center guide: Sending intake forms and documents to clients

    For some additional background, your intake forms and questionnaires can be found on your Settings > Notes & Forms > My Notes & Forms page. Under Intake Forms, any form that is selected (i.e. the checkbox is 'checked') will be available to share with any client by going to the client's profile and clicking Share on the top right. To add more forms to this Intake Forms list, you can use our Template Library or create your own custom form.

    If you have already shared a particular form with a client and would like to re-share the same form, there are two options:

    1. Send them a link to your Client Portal's client log in page where they can log in to view and complete the existing documents. You can find your Client Portal URL by going to Settings > Client Portal. You may share this URL with your client through Secure Messaging or outside of SimplePractice.
    2. On the client’s profile, go to the Shared with Client section on the lower right > click the X to the right of the relevant document to remove it from the list > click Share on the top right of the client's profile page and the document will be available to share again.

    You can learn more in this Help Center guide: What if I need to resend a form to a client?

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