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Coordinating reports/billing with Headway



  • Karen Robertson, LMSW-C

    I'm trying to figure out basically the same thing, I think.  I started using an external billing agency for all my insurance clients.  It seems like a nightmare trying to reconcile all the insurance billing within SP.  Have you found a solution yet?

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  • Catherine L. Quiring

    I asked the support desk and the said to list it as paid by the insurance company - I just have to enter it manually. I have been listing it so far with the insurance company name and then putting the memo as Headway payment x date. I might switch to making Headway listed as a secondary insurance company for all those clients though and see if I can do it that way if I ever have more than one insurance through Headway.

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  • Adrian Campa

    I am dealing with the same question if anyone has found a solution. I have just scheduled my first client with headway. Thank you. 

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