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5/26/21 Telehealth link not working




  • Torrenzo Moore


    If you have a profile on Psychology Today, they offer a free telehealth platform for its members. This coud be a great backup for situations like this.

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  • Sue Ujvary

    This outage just cost me over $200. NOT thrilled. Will be demanding some satisfaction from SP on some level immediately.

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  • Karen Levine

    This was supposed to be my first session on Simple Practice Telehealth system- does this happen often?  The link says it expired or is invalid.  Help!

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  • Jilly Becerra
    It's not working in LA, CA as well. 

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  • Rosalind Ando

    I'm having the same issue. Help please!


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  • Claire Reyes

    We've used SP for a while and this is the first time this particular error has happened, but they still haven't set up an easier way to get in touch when tech issues to arise, unfortunately.

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  • Lori Kaplowitz

    Not working in MA since 5pm EST

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  • Rebecca L. Chinchilla

    Having the same issue in NM

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  • Jarrod Gray

    Looks like it was just fixed on my end.

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  • Deanna DeLeon

    On behalf of many providers:

    While I appreciate the email update, I do not feel updating providers (your customers) via your Help Center page is even remotely adequate. Most of us providers are overwhelmed with patients right now and don’t have the time nor luxury to surf through Help pages. 

    Please reconsider how you plan to inform us from here on out of any issues that could impact patient care. Instead of posting only online, please consider sending a mass email to providers (your customers) ASAP so we can make alternative arrangements, without having to waste additional time trying to navigate a Help page. 
    As I’m sure you’ve read, your outage cost many providers a significant amount of revenue. I believe your “new functionality release” error warranted more than just a “go search for your own solution” approach. As paying customers, we deserve more than this. We deserve a platform that is invested in keeping our businesses running, as well as keeping us actively informed when there is an issue that could potentially cost us revenue.
    Please note, this is the second time I have had issues with your Telehealth platform that impacted income. The least you could do is be proactive and not passive about keeping providers abreast of such a huge issue. 


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  • Ayelette

    Hi everyone,

    I understand that you may have experienced issues with Telehealth on 5/26, and I can offer some clarity here.

    At 1:19 PM PT on 5/26, our team released new functionality to the SimplePractice platform. We were able to immediately identify that some customers were unable to join Telehealth sessions, and proactively rolled back the release. Some customers continued to experience issues accessing their Telehealth sessions, and at 3:37 PM PT our engineering team released a fix for the issue. At that point, all customers were able to access the Telehealth platform and hold sessions. 

    While we make every effort to avoid unscheduled downtime for any feature, we can confirm it is resolved.

    While these types of incidents are extremely rare, our team took action to notify customers of this issue on our Help Center, in our Get Help feature within the SimplePractice web and mobile apps, and on your SimplePractice Calendar. Internally, our team is actively reviewing our operational procedures to prevent outages like this in the future. 

    There is no action required on your part, there are no security concerns related to your SimplePractice account, and your data is safe.

    Please know that our team is proud to maintain nearly 100% uptime, and we are committed to improving the reliability of our platform for our customers.

    For future reference, the quickest way to reach us directly with any questions is by clicking the blue question mark icon > Get Help on the lower right of your SimplePractice account and we'd be glad to work with you. To learn more about the ways you can contact our team, feel free to check out these Help Center guides:

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