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Waive Co Payment



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  • Ayelette

    Hi Christina,

    For some background, there is not a way to record a client write off on an insurance appointment because, when you are in network with an insurance provider, you're bound by your contract with the provider and are required to charge your client for the amount that the payer has determined is the client's responsibility.

    However, if you have confirmed with the payer that you can waive the client's copay, here are two options for recording this in SimplePractice: 

    1. Leave the appointment’s Type set to Insurance > after receiving the electronic payment report for that date of service, update the Client owes amount to what you would like to charge the client (through an appointment level billing change). You can then increase the insurance write off on the insurance payment to account for the additional client write off amount.
    2. Alternatively, after creating the claim for the client, you can update the appointment's Type to Self-Pay and enter the client write off in the Write Off field (also through an appointment level billing change).
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