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Does SimplePractice televideo function while the provider is overseas?



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  • Bryan P.

    Hello Julia,

    I'm happy to provide some clarity for you for using Telehealth internationally.

    An existing SimplePractice account can be accessed from any country around the world. Our Telehealth feature will work overseas provided that both parties have a strong internet connection. In addition, there is no extra charge for using Telehealth outside of the U.S., and it remains HIPAA-compliant no matter where you join the session from.

    However, here are a few things you will want to keep in mind when attempting a Telehealth appointment internationally: 

    • Some Insurance providers or State Boards require that Telehealth Services be performed in the same state or region. I recommend researching your client's Insurance Requirements as well as the requirements in your state. This Help Center resource can help you in checking these requirements: Preparing your practice for Telehealth.
    • Technical requirements such as the type of device or strength of connection will still apply. To review these requirements, take a look at this resource: Telehealth FAQs.
    • Some calendar programs may adjust the date and time of appointments to reflect the local time zone. You may want to confirm the appointment time with your client, including which time zone.

    Thanks for writing in, and enjoy your time abroad.

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