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Telehealth modifier 95 vs Location (02) for Private Pay Superbills



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  • Ayelette

    Hi Bart,

    For some background, the -95 code is a modifier that is added to CPT service codes to specifically reflect a Telehealth session. The 02 code is an Insurance place of service designation related to the physical location where an appointment took place. A superbill may include both the CPT service code modifier and the Insurance place of service code.

    If you've already reviewed our guide How do I add modifiers to my claims? and updated your practice-wide and client-specific modifier settings, note that these updates will apply to superbills that you create after making the updates. If you'd like to update a pre-existing superbill, you may delete the superbill by clicking Delete on the top right > then re-create the superbill.

    Finally, I've gone ahead and created a help request on your behalf so that a member of our Success team can reach out to you for more information and to provide account-specific guidance.

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