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Place of service option not available




  • Natacha Salomon

    Hello. I'm following up on this question. I have not received any follow up comments on this. Can someone help? Thanks.

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  • Ayelette

    Hi Natacha,

    For some background, the 95 or GT code is a modifier that is added to CPT service codes to specifically reflect a Telehealth session. The 02 code is an Insurance place of service designation related to the physical location where an appointment took place. A superbill may include both the CPT service code modifier and the Insurance place of service code.


    Insurance Place of Service

    On your superbills, the Insurance place of service code that appears will be the code that is set for the office location listed on the appointment on your Calendar. To review the Insurance place of service code set on your office locations, go to Settings > My Practice > Locations. If needed, click Edit next to a location to change its Insurance place of service code.


    CPT Service Code Modifier

    To enable CPT service code modifiers like 95 or GT to appear on your superbills:

    1. Update your practice wide setting -- Go to Settings > Billing and Services > Insurance > select Enable Modifiers for your practice > click Save.
    2. Update the client's setting -- Go to the client's profile > click Edit > Billing and Insurance > in the Client Default Services section at the bottom, select the relevant service(s) > confirm the Rate per unit > enter the appropriate Modifier > click Save Client. [Note that this update will populate the modifier on appointments you create after making this change. For any appointments that already exist on your Calendar, you may open the appointment on your Calendar > add the modifier beneath the service > click Done.]

    To learn more, feel free to check out this Help Center guide: How do I add modifiers to my claims?

    For future reference, although we're periodically monitoring the Community Forum, this is also a place for customers to exchange ideas and engage with one another on how to best use our platform, and we appreciate you acting as resources for one other. The quickest way to get support for account-specific questions is to send us a help request by clicking the blue question mark > Get Help option on the lower right of your SimplePractice account. For more details, feel free to check out this Help Center guide: Logging in to SimplePractice and submitting help requests. You can also reach us on our Live Chat feature, offered Monday - Friday, 6am - 7pm PT with a few exceptions for company meetings (you can view the full Live Chat details here).

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