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Sharing Templates with other professionals within Simple Practice



  • Andrea Foran

    That would be great, I am all for that if it comes about. I have (am) creating an ASAM assessment and I am sure it would be helpful for others and  that I am not the first to do so. 


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  • Julie McClatchey

    This is a great idea. It seems most of us would be happy to contribute and benefit from others. 

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  • Leah Nelson

    Why don't objectives from the treatment plan auto-populate in the progress note? Can this be done?

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  • Kristina Lanouette

    So is this possible?

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  • Kathleen O'Connor

    I am also looking for information on how to do this.

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  • Kim A. Richardson

    It would be great if someone from simple practice could answer this question. And make this possible.

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  • Leslie Long

    Would love to see this become a reality. One large template library!

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  • Ashley Barksdale

    Yes!!  I just mentioned this to another practitioner and then came here to make the request! PLEASE make this possible!  Notability (iPad app) has a wonderful Gallery that allows people to create templates to share, and it is so helpful! 

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