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Demographic form re: referral sources




  • Sara

    Hi Lisa, I can definitely clarify this for you. Currently, within SimplePractice the way to list your various Referral options is to add them within one client and they will then populate to all the clients' Client Info section for choosing the client's referral type. I'd recommend going into the test client Jamie D. Appleseed's Overview Page > Edit > Client Info, then scroll all the way down and under Referred By click the dropdown box and click +Create new referral.

    Once you've added all the needed referral options for your practice then all of the referral types will populate as options for all of your clients. When the referrals are manually chosen for each client, the Referral income report will accurately populate the referral source. To run your Referral income report you'll want to go to Reports, then under Income click Referral income.

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  • Wendy Kaplan Lager, PT

    So Sara- is there no way to create a list of clinicians that are referral sources, their demographic information, and make mailing labels and lists from that?

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