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Wrong payment method




  • Holly Lawson, LPC

    When you are in a client's account, select the Billing Tab not Overview. Click the downward arrow by Billable Items and select View All. You should see all the transactions created for that client. Find the cash payment transaction you need to delete and select Edit. You should be given a choice to delete that payment. I just did it for a client.  

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  • Claudia Lira

    I am trying to figure out the same! I tried to navigate to Billing/Edit Payment on the client tab but it wont allow me to delete/change anything. 

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  • Nichole Ditch

    @HollyLawson, I am with you up until the part when you say, "find the cash payment transaction you need to delete..." That is the is NOT THERE. I know it used to be and SP must have updated something because I have never had an issue like this in the past when the wrong payment type was hit.

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  • Christina Christiansen


    You have to click the drop down to show "transactions" in that client's chart under the Billing Tab. It should be there. That is where I found mine to delete. I hope that helps.

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  • Alexandra Matthews

    Client --> Billing --> Billable Items (dropdown menu) --> Transactions.  This gives you a list of all the charges and you can delete the incorrect cash payments.  Make sure you delete any invoices or superbills that contain those payments first or Simple Practice won't let you delete the payments.

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  • Neal Baker

    I was having the same issue. The default view in the Billing tab is Billable Items. Transactions are not automatically listed. In order to view transactions, there is an extra step after clicking on Billing. The workflow goes like this: Billing > Billable Items > View All or Transactions. After clicking View All or Transactions the incorrect cash payment should show up and you will be given the option to delete it. 



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