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  • Sara

    Hi Alison,

    Every new account needs to undergo a verification process. During this verification period, you will still be able to charge and issue refunds to clients. This will not impact the client facing side of your operations in any manner. The verification process simply pauses payouts and prevents changes to your online payments page. The payments have already been deducted from the client's card and they will not be charged again after the verification call.

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  • Nadia Archambault

    I am having the same issue and it has been MONTHS- I need to speak with someone ASAP. No one has responded to ANY of my requests. My account still says it's undergoing "verification." I do not have an EIN number for my LLC and use my SSN as an identifier and it will not submit. PLEASE HELP! I am waiting on payments from clients to be deposited into my bank account. 

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  • Sara

    Hi Nadia,

    I see that you received a response to your Help Request on Saturday about this.

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