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Report for *actual* income??? Cash/check + Stripe (minus fees) combined?




  • Sara

    Hi Jenny,

    The one report that takes into account Stripe fees will be the Card Transactions page. This report can be exported by pressing the Export option in the upper right corner. The Fee column can be highlighted and summed to give you the total Stripe fees for all appointments within the given date range. 

    Our one report that indicates income earnings and a break down of appointments would be the Income Allocation report. Notably, it is essential that appointments are invoiced/billed and that payments have allocated (paid) toward those invoices/claims.

    The Income Allocation report will then tell you the grand total of all allocations (what invoices/claims got paid) that occurred within the given timeframe, which is your total income. There will be a Download Report button in the upper right corner which will give you the session breakdown.

    Subtract the Stripe fees from that total and this will get you the total income, session breakdown, and net totals after processing fees.

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  • Jenny Evans

    Thanks but that doesn't help with what I need... an easy way to calculate the average session fee for a given time period. 

    I could follow those steps but I would have to also count up the number sessions and then math it out. And since different services/billing codes have different costs, it really muddies up the information.

    It's also more work than my current work around of using an excel macro to calculate a rough estimate of the Stripe fees and subtracting it out that way.

    I understand why that option works from an accounting standpoint but from a business/practice management standpoint, it's really lacking. Average session fee (minus any processing fees) is a super basic metric so it's a real omission. There should be an easy, one step report for that.

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  • Holly Blue

    I'm also a bit frustrated that I have to chase this info down. Why aren't the fees clearly tallied for us, on the reports page? In fact, I'd like tallies of all the columns in a report.


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  • ELizabeth B. Tankel, MSS, LSW, CAADC, CAI

    I agree with everyone. Yes, please.

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  • Kathryn Vaughn

    The Fee column can be highlighted and summed to give you the total Stripe fees for all appointments within the given date range. 

    How do you do this???

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  • Nicole Arcieri

    I am also frustrated and cannot figure out a way to find this information.

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  • Christina Carter

    I agree with what others have said -- it would be great to be able to at least switch in the main "reports" page to see all that info minus transaction fees. 

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  • Jamie Carruth

    I also agree, the lack of clear and transparent financial information on the simple practice is an ongoing issue.

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  • Sara

    Hi everyone,

    I recommend creating a Help Request if you need assistance with using your reports or understanding how they are calculated. Click on the ? icon in your account > Ask Questions > No > Contact Support > Send an Email Request.

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