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Deleting all sessions for a time period




  • Sara

    Hi Meltem,

    Currently the only way to delete multiple appointments in the future is to delete recurring appointments for clients who currently have recurring appointments on your calendar. Otherwise, appointments will need to be deleted one by one for a given time frame.

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  • Brittany Kalinowski

    It would be a nice feature to be able to set all sessions to cancel  for a specific day for a specific therapist for vacation and illness. Thank you! 

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  • Andi Grandy

    This is SO time consuming to have to delete each recurring session AND all available recurring sessions. It would be so nice to be able to highlight a time period (such as a week) and delete everything at once. 

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  • Heather Brewer

    Ditto those sentiments! I'd love to be able to delete all sessions within a range of time, and would regularly use that function.

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  • Marie Danner

    I went looking for this option as a calendar feature via Google search and have found requests for this feature as old as 4 years ago! This is definitely needed and should not be that difficult of a feature to add, considering all of the updates y'all do all the time.

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  • Leslie Branden-Muller

    I also would like to strongly suggest that Simple Practice implement this in their programming. It would save so much time to be able to delete all sessions for one specific vacation week with one action rather than multiple actions. Please, SP, put this way up on your "to do" list for updates!

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  • Kristen Doherty

    Adding a comment because it seems like this is a long-standing inefficiency that people really want fixed. I am prepping my calendar for vacation and holidays and it truly takes an unnecessary amount of time to do each appointment one by one. There should be some sort of feature to select a date or date range to cancel all appointments.

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  • Alexander Rand

    Agreed. Please add this feature

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  • Britton Creelman

    Very interested in seeing this functionality implemented, finally!  (Before the holidays:)

    Can a Simple Practice person weigh in to see if there is a way to increase the salience of this suggestion?

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  • Angela Hancock

    Simple practice functionality and user-friendly features would greatly benefit from a DELETE ALL scheduled “clients” from “date 1” to “date 2” feature button. This would save A LOT of time for therapist a) vacation/travel, b) sick, d) scheduled holiday breaks, e) etc. PLEASE add this feature!

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  • Lizzie Gavin

    Why hasn't Simple Practice updated their system so we can cancel all appointments on a given day? Canceling each appointment on a given day is a huge waste of time. The fact that they haven't created this feature yet even though their clientelle has been asking for this feature for literal years is truly befuddling. 

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  • James Fulton

    Users have asked for this feature for 3 years, it's standard in other programs at this point. 

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  • Kerry Hubel

    Yes, why is this still not available?

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  • David Glaser, LCSW

    Yes, please! The calendar setup is so clunky! You all have updated so many other features please give the calendar some attention. It needs it badly. Please make it more inuitive and useful. So many buttons to click when cancelling appointments. It takes forever.


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  • Avi Shteingart

    I 2nd this. It would be very helpful.

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  • Elizabeth Wilder Young

    Agreed, people have been asking and asking for this feature.  Can someone from Simple Practice please respond about why this feature is still not in place?

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  • Maxine Alchek

    EVERYBODY WANTS THIS. There is no good reason this feature hasn't been added. Personally, every "update" so far has added zero value to my practice. When will this happen?

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