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I Need to use the Same Service Code More than One and Systems Says Already in Use




  • Sara

    Hi Michelle,

    I have gone ahead and created a Help Request on your behalf so that someone from our Customer Success team can follow up with you on the best workflow to adding these services into your account.

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  • Kimberly C. Lackey

    I see that this question is 5 months old. I have the same question. I need to be able to add a CPT code for the same service, but different lengths of time for the sessions (e.g., 30-min session for 92507 and 45-min session for 92507). I do not bill insurance and my clients are all private pay. I include the CPT code for them to file a claim if they wish to do so. However, their private pay rate changes based on the length of the session. How can I use a CPT code twice in my list of services?

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  • Sara

    Hi Kimberly,

    At this time, our platform will not allow you to add the same service code more than once. However, I can suggest an alternative workflow. 

    To create different session lengths and prices for the same CPT code you can create a new service code using the CPT code with a slight alteration. To do this you can go to Settings > Billing & Services > Services > Add New Service and type in something like "97124 +", then click Add New Code. 

    I recommend adding a symbol to the end of the CPT because it can be easily edited in the event that you need to create a claim for insurance. Once you have added the code, you can fill in the description and pricing details accordingly. To do this, go to the client's Overview page > + Create New > Claim/CMS1500. The claim will then appear. In the services section, you can edit the text. You can delete the "+" beside of the CPT code. 

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