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Receipt for client




  • Sara

    Hi Sara,

    Currently the only form of a receipt that can be provided to a client is a paid invoice or a statement. If you need to include the client's credit card number on the document, you could only add this to an editable unpaid invoice. A notes section is included at the bottom of an invoice where you have the option to add that information. Additionally, we don't have access to receipts for payments from Stripe.

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  • Joanne Weis

    This is frustrating. I am having the same issue. I don't understand why we can't send what we see in the billing transactions that give the last 4 of the credit card.

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  • Lindsey Lawrence

    I would love to see Simple Practice fix this by adding payment type to the paid invoice.  Adding the last 4 digits of what card was used, or the check #. 

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