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Minor Client phone number error




  • Sara

    Hi Scott,

    Currently it is not required to enter in a phone number for minor clients. This section of the client's information can be skipped so that the parent can have their phone number added to their profile as a contact. If you are trying to turn on text reminders, this feature only needs to be turned on within the contacts profile and not the minors profile in order to enable it.

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  • Barbra Resnick

    I'm running into a similar problem. I'm trying to update my client's info to use the contacts feature and it won't let me leave the phone number or email address blank (even when I have disabled all reminders and portal access).

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  • Kathleen Burke

    I had the same problem. I then discovered that if "Responsible for Billing" is NOT checked for the minor's contact, it causes the error. If you check that box, you should be okay.

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  • Christopher Dull

    Still an issue. I want to remove the number for the patient and assign the contact to have the appointment reminders. Once any number is entered into the patient field it becomes mandatory. Users get confused who's number belongs to whom. SP needs to update this error so that it is easier to manage and correct errors. This goes for adults and minors in the email and phone number field

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