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the client portal invitation expired before she logged in. I cannot find how to resend the intake documents. It is really frustrating that there is little to no training for new users and no way to connect with human help support.




  • Ashley Turner

    You should be able to resend the invitation from the portal tab.  Or delete all of the documents under "shared with client" and then resend them out

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  • Sara

    Hi Dianna,

    If you need to resend the Client Portal invitation email to a client, go to the client's Overview page > Edit > Client Portal where you can then select the option to resend the link. To resend documents, go to the client's Overview page > Share and then select the documents you would like to resend. If the document was sent and not completed and you would like to resend it, you will first need to delete it within the Shared with Clients box.

    In regards to your comment about training for new users and customer support, we do offer both of these things. When a customer signs up, they are offered a free onboarding call which is essentially a training session for the customer to receive help with anything they are wanting assistance with. Additionally, we also have our Help Center and video library with many resources that include details about how to use SimplePractice. Customer support can also be received either via email, live chat, or phone support. All of these options can be found by clicking on the blue question mark in the bottom right hand corner of your SimplePractice account.

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