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Need Time Zone Features for Telehealth!




  • Sara

    Hi Sylvia

    Thanks for reaching out with this suggestion. We love feedback and ideas for ways to advance the platform, and we encourage you to add it to our Ideas and Suggestions board. Or, you can vote on a similar idea here: Appointment times set for clients in different time zones.

    This board is one of our most important resources for understanding which features will have the most value for our community. Posting on our Ideas and Suggestions board means that members of our Product Team, as well as all members of our Community, have transparent access to review your suggestion. Other members can vote on your suggestion, and you can vote on their suggestions as well.

    If you're curious, here's more information about how a customer idea can become a SimplePractice feature: Customer feedback: How a customer idea can become a feature in SimplePractice.

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  • Sylvia Flanagan

    Sara... well, that is a very canned and scripted response that didn't address my concern at all.  

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